Can't change some keyboard shortcuts

I am using Writer on a Mac. Most keyboard shortcuts can be changed through the Customize option, but for some reason, there are some that I can’t change. For example, I can’t change CMD-B (bold) or CMD-I (italics) shortcuts.

Is this an issue on Mac, or can CTRL-B/CTRL-I shortcuts not be changed on other systems as well?

Is there a way to change these keyboard shortcuts?

Since I use Windows, I cannot answer this question with certainty.

However, using keyboard shortcuts for bold and italic is as much direct formatting as using the corresponding symbols or menus.
I can only recommend that you generally avoid direct formatting.
The correct solution is to use styles.
The most important ones are the paragraph styles and the character styles.

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That’s exactly why I want to change the shortcuts :grinning: I don’t want any manual formatting. I want to change CMD-B to apply/remove a bold character style. Same for CMD-I. That way I can apply 2 (or more) styles to have bold-italic without manual formatting. IMO it would be nice if LO worked this way without me having to write macros to do it, but at least it’s possible.

I am using CTRL-B for now, and using Karabiner Elements to map CMD-B to CTRL-B, but was wondering if there is a way to do it in LO.

Applying Strong Emphasis character style to Ctrl+B works fine in LO on Windows 11.

This Apple web page, Mac keyboard shortcuts - Apple Support , implies there might be a system shortcut preventing your use of that shortcut but that there might be away around it. It links to Change a conflicting keyboard shortcut on Mac – Apple Support (UK)

Can’t you just create a new character style with the Italic Bold attributes and call it EmphasisBold or something and create a default template so it is always available?

The point isn’t to make a style for bold italic. It’s to not use manual formatting.

I can change the CMD-B shortcut, but when I press CMD-B, it doesn’t apply the style, it still applies the manual bold formatting. Using other keyboard shortcuts works fine. It seems more like LO is not allowing me to change the behaviour of the shortcut.

Creating a style and applying it is not manual formatting.

If you apply a character style like Strong Emphasis the Bold icon will also be highlighted but if you look in the Sidebar, in Character Styles you will see the style is applied. If you select the word and click Format - Remove direct formatting the word will keep its bold appearance.

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You seem to be misunderstanding me. I understand how styles work. I want to change, for example, the CMD-B shortcut to apply a Strong Emphasis style instead of manually formatting the text. The issue is that overriding the shortcut (specifically for CMD-B) and assigning it to my macro to apply or remove the style doesn’t work. Using CTRL-B works.

Yes, I did misunderstand, CMD key has some of the functions of Ctrl and some of Win key.

But I was replying by comment only to your partial question and saying that the shortcut Ctrl+B can be changed on another system, Windows.