Can't change the path where My Documents are saved

Help, observing problem in LibreOffice 6.4. The last version 6.3 runs no problem. Ver 6.3 lets me easily display or edit the Tools-Options-Paths to My Documents. Not so in LibreOfc 6.4. Yes, I can go there, but when I choose Edit this line for My Documents. LibreOffice FAILS to show any “Other Locations” like my network shares, or my Ram disk location.

Where can I go to manually edit the config files ? Which one ? Is there another way via the Safe-Mode?

You might have to say what operating system you are using. I have LO x64 on Win 10 and I can see mapped locations on the server and I have set a network location (\NETWORK\Test) for My Documents OK too but it isn’t a useful setting for me. I did have to wait 10 or 20 seconds while Win10 sorted itself out before I could see the location. Maybe you are timing out?

Thanks for these Windows 10 thoughts ! However, I am on Ubuntu 19.04. Delta here is that when using the installed 6.3 version, the paths are easily changeable and fast. On LO x64 it is fast too, but the problem is the Tools-Options-Paths just simply fails to show my ram disk /tmp/ramdisk or any of the network shares running. Hence, if I open LO 6.3, all is good, but with this new download. It’s like there is a configuration permission issue. Just trying to get a lead where to look… thanks.

The Linux Ubuntu problem with LO remains…How do I continue to enjoy all the nice new features of LO 6.4 and beyond… if there is a fundamental problem to configure the path to My Documents?


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