Can't connect to libreoffice database after upgrading til 6.3.4

I have a small database created with Libreoffice base 5.x. A few weeks ago I installed xubuntu 19.10 instead of Mint 18, and got a newer version of Libreoffice. But when I try to open the old database in Libreoffice Base 6.3.4 I get et message like “can’t connect to the external data-source. Could not find the SBDC-driver for the URL “sdbc:embedded:hsqldb””

I have tried to create e new database in Base 6.3.4, but get the same message :frowning:

Help, please!


For HSQLDB, insure that libreoffice-sdbc-hsqldb is installed. Also for Firebird, libreoffice-sdbc-firebird. Synaptic Package Manager can be used for this verification/installation.

It worked! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: