cant create relationships in my database.

Error: “Column types do not match in statement [ALTER TABLE “lista_ocen” ADD FOREIGN KEY (“otrzymana_ocena”) REFERENCES “kategorie_ocen” (“kategoria_oceny”)]”

Column types do not match

how do i match them?

Obviously you didn’t understand the ironic in my answer. You don’t provide absolutely no technical details (LibreOffice version, operating system, database type, table definitions, field definitions …) and expect really an answer? I’d suggest you ask a fortune teller.

well i asked the same question on reddit and they had no problem anwsering it

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If you have gotten an answer, you should share with others by posting as an answer. You can then accept your answer as the correct one. I suspect your syntax was incorrect originally.

Here is a possible answer if the database used is HSQLDB embedded. It is incorrect syntax. Constraint name is missing.


There is more on this in the HSQLDB manual (Hsqldb User Guide) and a bit im my answer here → "Trips and Accommodation” need advice on table structure and relations in DB