Can't edit an URL in Calc


I’ve entered a wrong mail address in a Calc cell. I cant find a way to edit it. If I click on the address the cell or in input line, the cursor is placed before of after, and I can’t edit the string. Same when using the arrows on the keyboard : the cursor moves from before to after the address or back.

And in fact I can’t even select the cell with the mouse. I have to click on a neighbor cell and use the arrow.

The same problem exists with foo@site.dn, mailto:foo@site.dn, htpp://, and probably with any URL syntax recognized by LO.

But the problem is not systematic for the syntax foo@site.dn : it can work perfectly well in some files, and like described above in other files. I can’t figure out what is different between the two files ???

On Mac OS X 10.14.6, LO

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I can’t figure out what is different between the two files ???

We can’t figure out either, without having a look into the files. Could you upload an anonymized version of a file, where you can’t edit the hyperlink?

But in general it is indeed sometimes hard to select the hyperlink for editing using mouse only (esp. if the column width is too low). If you don’t succeed in selecting the cell content, just double click onto the URL in the formula bar and you get it selected in the cell as well, where you can Right click -> Hyperlink. Another method is CTRL+M, which removes existing hyperlink and requires it to be redefined. Finally, just widen the column width and double click the white space behind the URL or you may select a cell using keyboard arrow keys and CTRL+K, which also opens the hyperlink edit dialog.

Really none of these methods working for you?

Quoting @OlivierMa: “…I can’t even select the cell with the mouse. …”
That’s unfortunately (?) the way LibO Calc behaves if the cell are is not at least partly unaflicted by the link’s sensitivity. If there is an area unused by the link you click there an by that select the cell.

Concerning the problem with editing a link in Calc:

Links are handled differently in Calc as compared to Writer. The linked text is represented on the object level in Calc as a TextFiled. Linke in Writer now a textfield is seen as one character by the cursor.
Therefore you need to select this pseudo-character (by Shift+left e.g.) and then use the tool for hyperlinks from the toolbar or via the keyboard with Ctrl+K.

An alternative is to CUT the cell content (Ctrl+X) or the link allone and to re-insert the plain text of it with Ctrl+Shift+V. Now you can edit the link as lng as it not is again recognized and made sensitive.