Can't Edit Date Acceptance Patterns

I’m trying to edit the Date acceptance patterns under the Language Settings > Languages section of Calc and it is misbehaving (for lack of a better term). As soon as I try to type into the field, it duplicates what’s there and the box turns red. Any additional characters I enter compounds the issue, creating a string that is invalid and useless.


In the attached image I select the field, type ‘;d’, and as soon as I type the second ‘d’ it goes haywire.

Has anyone see this? Is there any way to fix it? Can I edit the config behind the scenes to change this value?

We can start with an answer on “Ask Libreoffice” that suggests someone do literally this.

Beyond that, if entering a lowercase letter causes the app to go haywire, the app is broken. Why would you ask me this question when it’s clear the application is doing something it shouldn’t?

I did a quick check and i see the same behaviour on LibreOffice (32bit) on Win10 (64bit) with german locale.

I can correctly extend the existing string by Y-M-D
so this seems to work.

But using lowercase dd appends the previous string in the input box. Same for yy or mm

Does not happen with xx qq and even xxdd can be written, but is flagged red.

Save way out is ESC key.
Attention: Using Buttons zurücksetzen or abbrechen in my locale (I guess reset to default and cancel in english) crashes LibreOffice, when this repeated strin is in the box.
I didn’t try OK…

Looks like two bugs, first at the input and second when LO crashes, especially, if I hit cancel.

?? I don’t understand. Who asked you anything?

You may detected a bug. It has to be found, and then it has to be checked, if everybody is affected or only special versions/operating systems/locale settings. I assume the latte, or the discussion in March should have found it.

By the way: Wich LibreOffice-Version/OS do you use? We could see your language-setting already…

If you think LibreOffice is broken beyond repair, buy somthing without bugs.
/Sarcasm on
I never heard of bugs in Microsoft Office
/Sarcasm off

Thank you all for looking into this and confirming the issue. To answer your question about who asked me something, it was the first reply I got. Someone with the username “Hrbrgr” wrote “Why do you want to use lowercase letters?”, so I responded in kind.

Anyhow, thanks again!


After some recent PC problems requiring reloading the OS (Windows 10) and all programs on it I have been trying to alter the Date Acceptance Patterns in Languages as I had before to use ‘-’ and ‘.’ as separators. Everytime I type in the letter ‘M’ or ‘D’ or ‘Y’ in the box after a semicolon the box turns the entire entry red and will not accept any of those. This use to work for me but not anymore.
Any suggestions?

@DaMole, do you mean typing in the acceptance pattern box or typing in a cell in Calc?

If the former, are you trying to set the date-part separator to be a semicolon?

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What version of LibreOffice? If prior to 7.1.7 then yes, bug 144457 in erAck answer applies.

Note that on my Win 11, LO, the first capital letter triggers the red highlight but adding the following - turns the background back to white and D-M-Y is accepted.


Typing in the box in Tools > Options > Languages Settings > Languages > Date Acceptance Patterns. And it will not accept M or D or Y in upper or lower case without the red warning.

Earnest. Thanks a bunch!
I have version and I tried continuing the pattern choice when the entry in the box suddenly cleared again.
I added “M-D;M-D-Y;M.D;M.D.Y” and input using “/”, “-”; “.” all work correctly now.

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That appears to be a bug, reported as tdf#144457.

Happens only with lower case y, m or d; upper case Y, M or D work.