Can't edit field data after creating form, table, etc

I created a table, from an excel source file, as described in the Base documentation. However, If I try to edit any data, whether I am in the form or the table I am not allowed to change it in anyway. Documentation refers to edit mode but I am unable to locate proper button or function to ensure that I am in edit mode.
Please help me get past this so that I can edit my data, otherwise I will go back to Access. Thats much user friendly.
I wanted to use an SQL type product for the number of records and I was look at this product, but I may have to go elsewhere since your documentation is not very good, Its great for more detailed functions, but the simple instructions suck!.

Did you actually create a table or just connect to an existing Excel workbook?

@Ratslinger, I see. Good point. I had not done this before.

@dudemanut, I found that you can right click on a table and if you see the menu option Database | Connection Type... then it appears you are “connected” to a data source. In your case you can probably see that you are connected to a spreadsheet. Although in the future there might be a read/write connection using ODBC, at the moment it appears to be read only for this spreadsheet. I think creating write access to a spread sheet from a database might be problematic.

Preface: I’m also an Access convert, now working on learning and moving to Base. Base can be confounding, and in places, very diminished if you are used to Access. But if you’re like me, you are using Base because you are sick of Windows 10, and so have good motivation to get Base to work. I for one will stick with Base and help it get better. It does work, just using it is hard to learn, and it lacks a bunch of nice features Access has. And it crashes more, similar to the early versions of Access, so backup often as you go.

That being said here are a few answers to your questions, so we can be clear about where you do what:

First, you just double click on the table to open it to edit your data. It will look like this:

Also here’s where you edit a table in Base:

Here’s where you edit a form in Base:

And while you are editing a form, you can switch to run mode from edit mode (and back) with this button (the icon just up and to the left of the black box - as the screen shot didn’t snap my mouse pointer, pointing to it):

image description

@EasyTrieve please not that if you directly connect to a spreadsheet, the information is Read Only. This is the reason for my comment.