Can't edit hyperlink button

Using LO v4.0.3.3 under MacOS X 10.6.8, I have created a document containing a hyperlink in button form. I managed to get the button to work and open the URL in my browser and even to have this working when I export the document to PDF. But, I cannot now edit the hyperlink button, in the manner described in the help text, where it says:

If the hyperlink is a button, click on the border to select it, or press the Option key while clicking.

If I try to click on the border of the button, even with any of the usual modifier keys (CMD, ALT, CTRL, SHIFT), then the hyperlink merely executes and opens the URL in a browser window. Using the option (ALT) key doesn’t help at all. The setting of the “Ctrl-click required to follow hyperlinks” security option also doesn’t make any difference - and the hyperlink always executes when clicking on the button, even if that option is checked (which certainly should not be the case).

Without being able to select the button, I can’t get the context menu which gives access to the Properties for the button and would allow me to edit the caption and/or URL.

One final point: I see that there is an option on the Edit menu for “Links…”, but this seems to be permanently grayed out and thus unavailable. It does say elsewhere in the help text that this button will be grayed out if the document contains no links. Does this mean that a hyperlink is not the type of link that this menu command should allow to be edited?

Not just a MacOS problem. This is bug fdo#44271. The test document provided in comment #2 is a good, simple example. The button is no longer editable.

Workaround: Make sure the Form Design toolbar is available (View > Toolbars > Form Design). Turn Design Mode On. Select button. Double-click to edit properties (Action and URL fields).

Many thanks for the info. It would have taken me a pretty long time to discover that workaround! All is well now and I can complete my document… :smiley:

BTW, I didn’t intend to imply that this was only an issue on Mac; I was merely confirming the details of the platform that I’m using. I also had searched the bug database (searching for “hyperlink” and button", but for some reason, the bug you referenced above didn’t show up in the results?

Yeah, that is fine. My answer was not overly clear in this respect either. I was also just indicating that the issue is non-platform specific. Thanks for providing a detailed question.