Cant find backup in default place

writer 5 crashed and i cant find backup in default according to forum] place

theres no previous version found in win7 explorer either

when i looked i found the save every 10 mins was checked but backup [or similar word] was not checked

Tthe storing of backup versions and the storing of recovery information are unconnected features. Recovery info is stored in a “hidden” way and does not use published file formats. Backup files (one generation only!) are stored in the file format the original document used. The backup files are stored in the backup folder of your user profile by default. You may unfortunately not have enabled ‘Always create a backup copy’. You may also have set a different path for the backup files under ‘Tools’>‘Options’>‘LibreOffice’>‘Paths’ …

Anyway: If LibO crashed it should automatically offer a recovery based on the last stored recovery information. (10 minutes are a lot of time, however.)