Can't find program after downloading

I have downloaded the latest Libre for the Windows and it installed successfully but I can’t find the program anywhere. Whenever I search it just takes me back to the installwizard.

Can that help?

Download LibreOffice - Feel free

LibreOffice - Installing under Windows 10 / 11

General Installation Issues (Windows)

Unfortunately not, I’m not getting any error messages and it seems to be installing correctly. I know it’s installed because when I try to install again it ‘repairs’ it instead of just installing. I just don’t know how to open the program

In Windows 11, click Start menu > All Apps > LibreOffice x.x > LibreOffice

You might also choose to right click on the menu and select Pin to Start or Pin to Taskbar for ease of access

Hmm no dice, Libreoffice isn’t listed there

Maybe this answer helps, No application to be found after successful install. Windows 10 - #5 by Bodacious

You may have made the same silly mistake that I did and clicked the big green download button which only downloads the built in help (torrent info). If the setup wizard didn’t ask you if you want an icon on your home screen and finished setting up suspiciously quickly this is likely the case. There should be a box above that which reads:
" Your download [your download version here] should begin shortly. Please click the link if it doesn’t start."
If you click the part that is highlighted in green (I wrote [your download version here] as placeholder for it) you should get the correct download and be able to run the program.
Hope this is helpful to someone!