Can't get Offline Help to Work with Firefox

I have used LO full time for the past several years, albeit without the use of off-line Help. After finally getting around to install the Off-Line Help, I now can’t get it to work.

  • OS: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS x86_64
  • LibreOffice v. manually installed and upgraded from .deb
  • Installation directory: /opt/libreoffice7.3
  • Default Browser: Firefox 99.0.1 (64-bit)


Help won’t work with Firefox as my default browser. Changing the default to Vivaldi 5.2, the Off-line Help appears to function as I would expect. How do I make Off-line Help work with Firefox as my default browser.


Installing the Help Pack:

  • Downloaded the Help Pack: LibreOffice_7.3.2_Linux_x86-64_deb_helppack_en-US.tar.gz
  • Extracted the file
  • Ran GDebi Package Installer to install libobasis7.3-en-us-help_7.3.2.2-2_amd64.deb
  • The installation procedure appeared to run fine and it installed in /opt/libreoffice7.3/help directory

When I hit F1 in Calc, Firefox opens and it says: “Firefox can’t find the file at /tmp/lu15648351xi731.tmp/NewHelp8.html”

When viewing in a text editor, the NewHelp*.html files appear to have the correct links to the program and Help files, they just won’t open in my browser.

Navigating to the: NewHelp*.html files in /tmp/lu15648351xi731.tmp/ directory and attempting to open manually in various browsers:

  • Firefox: Get the same error “Firefox can’t find the file at /tmp/lu15648351xi731.tmp/NewHelp8.html”
  • Chromium: “Your file couldn’t be accessed”
  • Vivaldi: the files open to the appropriate LO app Help topic and all seems to work properly. When I click on various topics, they open the appropriate Help topic files that are located in the /opt/libreoffice7.3/help directory.

I don’t want to change my default browser from Firefox. What do I need to do?

For full functionality you have to use the LibreOffice version shipped with your Ubuntu. Firefox not finding some file in the /tmp/ directory indicates that Firefox is installed from a flatpak package. These packages can not see the /tmp directory. I think, this can be configured somehow. For me flatpak is the reason why I drop Ubuntu after 10 years.

Of course. Firefox and Chromium on my machine are both installed as Snaps, whereas Vivaldi is installed as a .DEB. Thus Vivaldi can see the /TMP directory. I’ve installed LO 7.3 from a .DEB as the Ubuntu version is only 7.2.

I’ve not had issues with the FF Snap as after the initial opening it runs fine.

So, I’ll have to make a decision …