Can't get rid of blank pages from image sub-documents in master doc

I am formatting a 200 page book with text sub-documents and image documents that have five images in each sub-document. The text documents come out fine but the image documents have blank pages inserted in them. Help! I have been at this for a week.

sub-documents: are you using a master document with subordinate documents?

image documents: how are the images anchored? A common mistake is to anchor them “to page” which impacts page allocation.

Edit your question to provide these additional details. Answers are reserved for solutions, not fit for discussion. Better, attach a small sample document exhibiting the problem.

This was answered by Mike in chatroom. I had been moving my images around using the enter tab which filled the areas around the image with paragraph inserts. Once I removed the all the extra blue paragraph icons all over the page and used the image > format to place the images on the page things went well. Thanks Mike!!!