Can't import external data from web page into Calc

So I’m having trouble inserting data from a website. I’m trying to import mortgage interest rates from the table at this website:

When I add it however I get “No named ranges available in the selected document”. Doing a Google search on that error was unproductive.

The data is just in a table on this website, so I’m not sure what the problem is…?


Actually there is no table with the provided link. Once there you need to click on another item to display the table wanted. This is not part of linking to external data.

Hi, Have you been able previously to get data from this Web site? I have used Sheet/Link to External Data to other sites for stock prices, historical oil prices and got them to work, but cant get it to work for the site you wanted.
Could it be something to do with how the Web site has been setup?

No, this is the first time using that page and actually the first time I’ve tried pulling in web data in LibreOffice (although I used to do it from time to time in Excel).


An alternative is to save the site to your machine (Open the site and use File / Save page as or Ctrl + S).

Open calc and use Link External Data on your machine copy. (Copy path where saved and paste in link)

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Unfortunately this defeats the goal of being able to keep live data in the spreadsheet to use in calculations