Can't insert html ole objects to document files

Hello, my libreoffice version is libreoffice and I want to insert a html file as ole objects to the doc file, but When I insert the object file as follow:

  1. Insert/object/Ole object/Create from file

  2. Check “Display as icon”

  3. Choose the html file

i got “object from file file:///path/filename.doc could not be inserted”.

The other type file works well.

Hmmm… but what is “OLE object from HTML file”? OLE assumes there’s an OLE server that operates on some content; usually, that’s the OS-specified program that handles the file/content type. HTML files usually are associated with browsers, that aren’t OLE servers usually (?).

Thanks for your reply! So, I must set the OLE server to handle the html file? I have already Google : libreoffice set OLE server, but no answer about that.

Any suggestions may help. Thanks again!

The OLE server is just an application that is made to act as a server. User usually doesn’t set up the server. I suppose (and meant by my comment above) that it’s simply impossible (and doesn’t make sense technically) to link/embed an HTML as object.

Hmmm, maybe it’s impossible. thanks!