Can't install 6.3.2 on Windows 8.1 because of KB2999226

I have a Sony Vaio SVE1713 Z1EB with Windows 8.1 Pro 64. It dual boots with OpenSuse Leap 15.2 64, on which I have LibreOffice 6.3.2. I want to install this on the Win8.1 to have access whichever OS I boot into.

The problem is that the install checks for updates and starts to install KB2999226 but hangs. I left it for more than 30 minutes before using Task Manager to cancel the installer. I’ve tried all the fixes I can find online with no luck.

In fact if I check, KB2999266 is already installed. When I try to run the Windows Update tool manually, that just hangs. All my other software runs with no problems.

FAQ; though in 6.3, failure of the installation of the update does not fail the installation anymore. So just stopping WU service when installation hangs would continue your installation process.

Generally, this situation means that your Windows Update (a system service) is malfunctioning, indicating an OS problem.

Thank your for your help. I turned off Windows Update in Services, and the install worked, up to the point where it started looking for updates. However this time it stopped and gave an error box, I clicked the OK button and the install continued to completion. There does indeed seem to be a problem with the Windows Update tool. I have it set to automatically look for updates but then only notify me. I now notice that it appears to have never looked for updates.

This is my first experience with Windows since XP Pro, and I appear to have reverted to being a newbee! My main OS is OpenSuse Linux.