Can't install error 1310 Error writing file

I can’t install Libre Office 7.0.1 because of this error. It says that I don’t have write permission for a file in System32. How can I fix this? I can’t install libre office at all.

This particular error number is not listed in General Installation Issues (Windows) but I suspect it is related to anti-ransomware settings in your anti-vrius.

If you have 3rd party anti-virus then you will have to find instructions to disable it during install of LibreOffice. If you don’t have 3rd party AV then you have Windows Defender.

Windows Defender is very aggressive in its approach so you will probably have to disable it to install LibreOffice (and many other programs that Microsoft doesn’t get a cut from).

  1. Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection.
  2. Under Virus & threat protection
    , select Manage
  3. Under Controlled folder access,
    select Manage Controlled folder
  4. Switch the Controlled folder
    setting from On to

If you turn on Controlled Folder Access afterwards, you might still find that Defender blocks LO from saving files to disk. To fix that you need to go into Defender settings and allow access for soffice.bin. See also Defender Controlled Access Exception

10:45 am

I suppose that you have logged in with Administrator permissions to install LO as it asks in the install dialog? You can’t write to System32 without Admininstrator permissions

Thank you for your suggestion. I tried your steps and even turned off windows defender completely and it didn’t work. The files it’s asking to alter are some .dll files in system 32. I’m logged in as an administrator

Have you got another version of LibreOffice installed? You probably need to uninstall that. Apparently, error 1310 often arises when there is a conflict between two versions. Try to follow instructions to uninstall LO (and to re-register WIndows installer) on Microsoft Office Install Error site