Can't modify Calc header in Format/Page Styles

I changed a header in a Calc file using menu option Format/Page Style. Print review showed the correction. Save file and exited out of LibrOffice. When loading the file again the change was not saved. After trying numerous times I went to menu option Insert/Header & Footer and made the change and saved the file. Then the change was saved. Why won’t the change save if made in Format/Page Style?

What filetype are you using? .ods? .xls?, .xlsx? or other?
Can you upload a sample file here?

Attached please find file. It is a .xls format file.

J&L Bank Card List.xls (8.5 KB)

The Footer is switched OFF in your sample file. I can edit it after I switched it ON.

And I can edit the Header. It contains two Labels: Filename and Date.
I can delete them, and I can put another things (texts, labels) into the header.
(LibreOffice 7.5.8 on Windows)

Format - Page Style - Header - …
Format - Page Style - Footer - …
J&L Bank Card List.xls (8.5 KB)

Thanks. I think I may have been clicking OK on the 1st screen but X out of the 2nd screen and why it did not save my change.