Can't open an embedded .pdf/.doc(x) file from .xlsx

Libre Office: 6.0.5 and 6.1

Java: 7.181

OS: Win7 and Win10

MS Office is also used in this environment, but LibreOffice is the most commonly used suite.

The issue is present with all files containing OLE files (OLEs).

I currently am unable to open embedded (OLE) files that are PDFs and DOCX, from spread sheets (XLSX). When I open the spread sheet, I can move the object around, and that’s it, or if I open as read-only, I can only edit the cell; it’s like the object doesn’t exist.

I tested the issue in MS Office, and everything performs as expected.

OLEs worked in previous revisions of Libreoffice - is there something that has changed in the recent updates to prevent the use of OLEs?