can't open lotus lwp file with current Libre V5.4.4.2 (x64)

have been opening and re-saving old Lotus Lwp files previously with Libre, but after a recent update I can’t open them, it complains with “General Error, General input/output error”

Cheers Ken

Is this Windows 10? If so, are you also having issues with other LO documents? If you are not having issues with other LO files, are the Lotus files perhaps in a separate directory from your LO files?

Windows Defender may be causing problems.

@robleyd, you’re not being helpful.

@KiloTango, I’m having the same issue too.

It’s a bug. And it has has been reported at

According to it, the fix “will be available in 6.2.3”. (Current release is 6.2.2.)

In future, if you encounter bugs, please report at Thanks.