can't open or view xlsx files (mac)

Hello lovlies!

First off grateful for Libreoffice!
I have been a user for about a year and a half!
It was working for me super well but then I was having issues opening any file.
I deleted the original download & downloaded the newest version (2020-03-23) … and it was working!

BUT only with MSWord files … all of my xlsx files won’t open & when I try to open them by opening the spreadsheet, it won’t even list the excel files as options to open …

Please help!!! As a Mac user I absolutely HATE numbers/pages/etc. & want my happy awesome Libreoffice back!!!


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Hi, I’m having the same thing happen with LibreOffice 7.6.4. Did you ever figure out what was going on?

In my case, DOC files default to open on my MacBook Pro with LibreOffice and open just fine. When I go to open an XLS or CSV, the Libre Office app activates but a file is not opened. I just see “Libre Office” in the screen header with the associated drop down menus, but just my desktop is present. I would expect my Excel / CSV file opened and editable in Libre Office Calc, but it’s not there.

This used to work and then suddenly stopped which may or may not have been a byproduct of upgrading my OS to Mac Sonora 14.1.2. I deleted Libre Office and reinstalled a fresh version, but the same result is happening. The XLS / CSV files open just fine on both my Mac Numbers app and on my PC computer with actual Microsoft Excel.

Any tips on resolving as Libre Office is my preferred application for XLS / CSV files on my Mac and my Mac is my main computer!! :slight_smile: haha

Thank you so much!!