Can't paste image on second, third, or any other page.

For whatever reason I cannot paste an image on any other page besides the first one. I’ve been writing a guide and finally took the images I need for it however when I insert an image it goes straight to the very first page. I drag that image to the bottom of the page to another page however it stays anchored to the first page. I’ve tried the other 3 anchor settings but nothing seems to work. How do I paste an image onto any other page besides the first one?


Gif: Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

OS: Ubuntu

Version: 1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.2

Hmm - cannot confirm this behavior. Images go to the page, where the cursor is (not the page you see/have scrolled down to). Thus, if you scroll down to let’s say page 3 and click in to that page, so the cursor is in page 3, you get your image inserted into page 3 (and is anchored to paragraph -anchoring to page does not allow to move across pages). The only problem occurs, if a page got no paragraphs where an image could be anchored to.

So it may be useful to provide an anonymized version of your file.

I’m not quite sure how else to explain this error, here’s a gif detailing it more in depth. It could be a setting issue, or the fact that my main operating system is Ubuntu and not Windows if LibreOffice is purely windows based.
Gif detailing error

LibO version “1:6.0.7”? What’s the “1:”? V 6.0 is was “very fresh”.
Tried V
Already tried with a virgin user profile?


Hmm - cannot confirm this behavior.
Already tried with a virgin user profile?


As a workaround: Anchor the image As Character, then cut and paste at the desired (cursor) position.