Can't position Y-Axis on a Category

I just discovered and installed LibreOffice (I love it so far) and in verifying compatibility with my Excel sheets I discovered that all the line charts are plotting data points between the category tick marks.
I am unable to make the vertical grid lines align with the data points using the “Y Axis Positioning Axis Line Cross other axis at Category.” I can position the axis OK and Beginning or End… just not Category.
To make sure it wasn’t an issue associated with my Excel sheet compatibility testing I even created a clean new LibreOffice Calc sheet but have the same issue.
I am using LibreOffice Version: (x64)
Thanks [:-)>

Clipped hereto is a simple test sheet. I’ve set the Vertical axis to cross at the 5/27/20 data point, but the axis remains at the beginning of the data collection. I can move it to the end or beginning but not in between.

PS- What I want is for the X Axis Grid Lines to align with the labels and data points.


Can you upload a sample file anonymized? No names, just numbers and AA, BB, etc. Edit your question, and use the paper clip.


Double-click on the chart, menu Format, Chart Type… and select XY (scatter).

The same, other way: Right-click on the chart, select Edit, again right-click on the chart, Chart Type… and select XY (scatter).

Well I’ll be darned!! That did it, but in almost 60 years of working with spreadsheets that is the first time I have ever had to do anything like that! Why doesn’t the Position Axis Line at Value work? That is the “normal” method here.

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