Can't print in color from Avery 22828 template

Since OpenOffice doesn’t support the Avery 22828 label, I downloaded the Word template from Avery . It imports fine in LibreOffice.

But no matter what changes I make to the template colors, such as background for cells, and text color, LibreOffice only does the print preview in black & white. I can print preview all my other documents in color, but not this one. I really need to make labels with different colors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a sample document that shows the problem : Avery22828RemovableDurableRectangularLabels.odt - Google Drive . Make sure to download it in ODT format. Then do file / print . The print preview is completely white. It’s supposed to have one cell with a blue background and the word “CYAN” in white.

There is some box in front of each cell in the table. I wonder if you would be better off just deleting all the boxes and typing directly in the cells and filling the cells with the background colour of your choice.

Thanks. I was selecting the boxes and then using Format/Area/Color to set the background color.
Looks like that doesn’t show at all in the print preview.

Using Table properties / background / cell color does show in the print preview. I don’t have to move / delete any of the boxes in front.

I wonder why the first method fails to print, and the second method works with print preview. That’s definitely not WYSIWYG . Sounds like a bug in Libreoffice to me.

The template is intended for Word so maybe in Word those objects can be set not to print and has carried that property through in the conversion to a Writer shape. Word and Writer have fundamental differences in the way they work so documents will never be converted exactly either way. In Writer labels seem to use Frames which don’t exist in Word.

It is probably best to use the sizes from your template to create a new label template in Writer. The sizes, converted to inches, from your template are shown in image below.

Click File > New > Labels and enter those sizes in the Format tab.

Click the Save button and select Avery Letter size and instead of [User] type 22828. You will be able to select that size in the future in the drop down boxes in the tab Labels. Then press button New Document.

To centre the text vertically in the labels, click on the first label boundary and select Properties, in the Options tab under Vertical Alignment, select Centred. OK