Can't print ver.7 docs

Fully patched Win 8.1 64-bit, HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 (also fully patched), LibreOffice ver.7.0.4

Documents won’t print but a printer icon for default printer shown with 0 Docs printing.
.odt, .odg both tested and no printing. All other app docs printing just fine.

Had the exact same problem in previous ver.6.x, so had to use OpenOffice for a while (don’t like it as much) and thought the updated version would work now, it doesn’t. Anyone? 64-bit

In File > Printer Settings is there another HP printer name (HP T0F28A)? Try using that printer.

After installation, I used to often get two HP printers of which only one would print, presumably the other might print using a different port.

Thanks Earnest AI. There is no “HP T0F28A” on my system. I’ve done a complete search for it. There are 2 printers listed - one is the HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 on USB 1 (Deafult) and the other is HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 (Copy 1) web services. Checking properties and MS says they’re functioning well. Any other suggestion?

I mentioned the internal name because sometimes that was the name used in the driver that would work.

So can LO print to HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 (Copy 1)?

No. Neither the default printer nor the web. I used HP Doctor (today’s version) to ensure that the printer/drivers were okay and they were. So still have to clear reason why USB1 or (Copy 1) won’t respond to LO print requests. All other software apps do.

I see from an internet search there have been some random issues over time, I wonder if user profile corruption could be the fault. Can you print OK from LO safe mode, Help > Restart in Safe Mode?

Could be tdf#119250. See comment 54 for a potential solution, or comment 57

Read those bug report comments and they’re referring to WIN10; I’m on WIN8.1. But, with the way MS patches things, something from 10 might be affecting on 8.1. So, I’ll give it a try this weekend.