cant replace-all 'paragraph marks' with a space

in word, i can find/replace all ‘paragraph marks’ with a space, but can’t do it with LO and wonder how or when LO will do this. its the only reason i still use word.

What is “paragraph mark”? Do you mean joining all paragraphs into one? or do you misuse the “paragraph mark” for line break (which does actually not end the paragraph)?

Both are listed in the help under regular expressions list.

aint misusing anything. i copy content from youtube ‘transcript’ into LO, it has paragraph marks aka ‘hard returns’ that i want to remove with one click. in word, in the ‘replace’ window, i select ‘special’ then select ‘paragraph mark’ then click ‘replace all’. its the only reason i still use word but i wish LO could let me do same.

Then just replace $ with a space. Check Regular expressions checkbox in [+] Other options.

(Wow, you answered to my question fast - really impressive timing! :-))

Try out AltSearch.oxt. It is an extended FIND&REPLACE tool for writer and can SEARCH/REPLACE paragraph-empty paragraph-manual line break. It is a better explained tool so that you often don’t have to look up the Regular Expressions’ list…

so i install it and it adds itself seamlessly into LO replace window?