Can't resize image after adding caption

I’ve downloaded LibreOffice 6.1.4 to my win 7 machine (actually I get the same behavior an arch linux machine). And after I add image I can’t resize it from properties panel on the right (although I can do it manually by mouse drag).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create new text file.
  2. Add any image (I used png one).
  3. Now try to resize. It resize by both mouse dragging and changing its size properties in position and size tab (by default on the right).
  4. Add caption to the image (I just inserted text and clicked ok)
  5. Now try to resize. Image and caption can be resized by mouse drag. But if you resize image it can be made only smaller then caption, not bigger. If you resize caption, it also resizes the image which is ok. And now try to edit image size in position and size tab. It doesn’t do anything. Image can’t be resized at all through this menu. Not smaller, not bigger.

What should I do if I need to input exact numbers, not mouse dragging? I even tried to cut image from caption, delete caption and paste image back. And it doesn’t resize from size and position tab. When it was resizing before I added and removed caption.

Which version are you working on? I tested on old version (W7-64pro) and everything worked flawlessly…

If you look closer to what happened when you added caption, this is it:

  1. A new frame is created where the image used to be;
  2. The old image is moved inside the frame, anchored as character to its first paragraph, its width set to be 100% relative to paragraph, and Keep ratio selected - so that it would automatically resize with the frame;
  3. A text is added after the image (in the same paragraph), with Number Range (Figure) field.

You may just cut the image with caption from the frame and paste to the text, and then avoid using the frames (just create captions manually), which will give you better control over the process. Or just don’t enter the width for the image, but do that for the frame.

That explains a lot. But Insert->Caption is greyed out if I don’t select Image. How can I inser caption inside normal text to avoid this behavior? To clarify things I need auto numbering of pictures, including chapter number.

Caption is just a test string with a field. You may copy and paste a caption to any place, and the field will auto-increment, and you can change the text. Using styles and fields, you may create own captions.