Can't save my own List Style

I open LibreOffice writer and make several indents such as these:

  • xxx
  • yyy
  • zzz

I put the ‘’- xxx’’ indent on Level 1, the ‘’- yyy’’ indent on Level 2 (with Tab), the next indent on the next level. And all the time the ‘’-’’ before the text (xxx or yyy or zzz) stays the same, but I would like the ‘’-’’ on Level 2 to be, for example, ‘’*’’ instead. And perhaps the ‘’-’’ on Level 3 to be ‘’+’’ and so on.

So I download the Writer Guide for Libre Office and follow the istructions of Chapter 7 and try to create my own Style. I succeed. (woot!!) So the document I am working on has my specific Style. OK, so I have to highlight the custom Style and double click my own (under Format > Styles and Formatting > List Styles > and double click on my newly created Style) whenever I start a fresh indentation section in that same document, but I’ll survive.

I close the document, all happy I managed to do something for being completely computer-innept, and open a new LibreOffice Writer document. And when I try to use my Style from the previous document? Nothing. My Style wasn’t saved for all the LibreOffice Writer documents only for that specific one.

Now my question is: how do I apply my own Style to all future Writers? Is it possible to configure my own Style directly in Format > Bullets and Numbering? Can I even change these default settings?

If anyone has any ideas, please share them.

PS: I apologise if I cannot use proper ‘‘computer language’’ as I do not know a lot about computers. I hope it can be understood from the above what my problem is.

I read through the LibreOffice Writer manual and found the solution.

Hi @WisteriaNympho, Glad to hear that you found an answer to your question. Could you please share your answer here so that others can use what you have learned? Thanks!

Please in order to someone can help, please inform about what is the file format you are using to save, LibreOffice version and what operating system are you using.

The file format is .odt and Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Edition operating system.