Can't save to Google Drive

Hi all.
I’m trying to save a document to my Google Drive account.

I followed the procedure on How to save from LibreOffice directly to Google Drive - TechRepublic, but after completing the information on the File Services dialogue box, I get the error message “Error saving the document hole area calculation: The specified device is invalid.”.

Is there something I’m missing?

I’m running LO on Linux-Mint 18.3 (Version: Build ID: 1:5.1.6~rc2-0ubuntu1~xenial3 CPU Threads: 8; OS Version: Linux 4.4; UI Render: default; Locale: en-AU (en_AU.UTF-8); Calc: group)


Did you run this procedure from an already open Writer or Calc document?

Also, first consider upgrading your LO version. Early 5.x versions had some problems. Current versions work fine.