Can't see pictures in Impress Presentation

I had a perfect presentation in OpenOffice 3.x then updated to LibreOffice 3.5.1
completely messed up the presentation. When I try to recreate it I can see the pictures on the slides (.jpg) but when I run the show they’re not there.

Hi @DaveLeicester, Have you had a chance to try your presentation under a more recent version of LibreOffice like LO 3.6.3? It would be great to hear if everything is working for you now. Thanks!

Please try:

Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View > Graphics output

☐ Use hardware acceleration [disabled]

See also:
Bug 46532 - SLIDESHOW does not show pictures with Hardware Acceleration activated

Bug 46901 - SLIDESHOW shows characters too slim with Hardware Acceleration activated

Fixed in LibO 3.5.2 RC2

Thank you.

I resgistered specifically so I could thank you for this post. Quick and simple answer, saved me a lot of stress.
Keep rocking my friend.