Can't see tick boxes to remove them from "docx" document file

I have a “docx” file which I did not write myself. However I did edit it in LibreOffice Writer. There is a section in the document with the instruction “tick relevant boxes”. In LibreOffice I don’t see any boxes to tick. Later I uploaded the document file to DocuSign and the tick boxes appear next to the instructive text when viewing the document in their web site. I would like to see the tick boxes in LibreOffice so that I can remove them from the document. I’m running version on Linux Mint 18.3.



you could try enabling the Formatting Marks,

"View" -> "Formatting Marks" (CTRL+F10)

maybe these can help you identify the locations of the checkboxes

Hope that helps.

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I turned on the non-printing characters in Writer, still no sign of the tick boxes.

You could try saving the document as an odt and then re-exporting that as an docx.
That might remove the checkboxes if those are not actually supported by the odt format.

It is strange but I cleared out the table cell where the tick boxes were hiding by pasting a plain cell there instead, and then re-entered all the text back into the cell. Lo and behold the tick boxes disappeared.

Great to hear that you found a solution to your problem.