Can't send document as email attachment to Opera

I use LibreOffice 3.4.5 and Opera 12.02 as a mail client on Linux Mint Debian Edition 201204. Searching the web, I see that LibreOffice’s “send document as email” command works fine with other mail clients (Thunderbird, etc.) on Linux. But when I try it, I get the error message:

“LibreOffice was unable to find a working e-mail configuration. Please save this document locally instead and attach it from within your e-mail client.”

The relevant configuration is at Tools - Options - Internet - Email. I’ve tried “opera”, “/usr/bin/opera”, and “/usr/bin/opera --remote ‘openComposer(new-window)’” (all without the double quotes). All of the above work from the terminal, and the latter opens a new message composition window, but none make LibreOffice’s error go away.

Searching the web and the other resources given on’s “Get Help” page turns up nothing relevant.

I’m out of ideas. Does anyone know how to make LibreOffice play nicely with Opera Mail?

I’m unable to reproduce this since I don’t have Opera Mail nor am I working on a Linux system, the below link though illustrates how to work around the limitation of the default Opera setting in LO.

I hope this helps solve your problem.

Apart from this workaround I’d like the encourage you to submit a bug report, you can do this by going to “Help → Send Feedback…” within the LO application.

Turns out that this is a limitation in Opera for Linux:

So I’ll be making a feature request, but not for LibreOffice but for Opera. Thanks, Bart_, for your time.