Can't shrink table in Libreoffice Impress

I’ve just added a table (3 rows, 7 columns) to an Impress presentation and have a number of issues making it smaller. Each cell is initially tall enough for about two lines at the initial font size of 18pt.

  1. If I one line of text in each cell, selecting Table / Size / Minimal Row Height doesn’t reduce the cell heights any further.
  2. If I drag the middle upper selection point downward to shrink the table, it moves the whole table down. I can, however, make the table taller by dragging upward. Similarly, if I drag the middle lower selection point upward, nothing happens until I cross the top border, at which point I starting moving the table up. I can make the table taller by dragging downward.
  3. If I select somewhere else along the top line, I can drag the top row smaller, but if I then select Table / Size / Distribute Rows Equally, the table is resized to its initial height.
  4. Reducing the font size does nothing.

As a workaround, I can drag each row separator to make the rows as small as possible, which gives the desired one-line size but it’s as if the system thinks that each row should be at least two lines tall.

This is LibreOffice on Fedora 33 (Linux 5.9 in About).

Drag the middle handle on the lower edge of the table. Cheers, Al

Like the middle handle at the upper edge, that also moves the table if I drag up (and expands the table if I drag down). I’ll add this to the question.

Maybe a bug. Works fine in LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

I have the exact same problem with version on Fedora 33

Its a bug: tdf#139511.

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A patch will be available in 7.1.1 (tdf#139511#c19)

On is is the same and even more worse.
On one could shrink the rows by crushing the rows (at its outer border). This does no longer work. Tried to make this on a row-basis - astroundingly, the row GROWs sometimes, if you left the mouse!
I making documents with Impress and nearly all tables are really a pain and even ugly (different line-heights, anyway, what you select/define).
And alway, as long as I use impress, it is NOT possible to set the lower border (inner, the cells padding to zero), while all others work. And this does not depend on fonts or space after paragrapghs.
I habe the older version an another computer and compared:
Event the padding cannot brought to very low or zero, the crushing of the table is possible.
I am running LO from debian-backports, will look to downgrade.

As a workaround, try creating and styling your table in Calc, copy and Edit > Paste special > Paste special > LibreOffice 7.x Spreadsheet.

Editing of table can be done in place by double-clicking it and using the Calc tools that appear during editing. In Windows this works, so might work for you.

Thank you for the work around ! :slight_smile:

It works fine under Manjaro Linux and Version: / Build ID: 20(Build:2)
Although the bug is really nasty if you prepare slides with tons for statistic data.


CPU threads: 8; OS: Linux 5.15; UI render: default; VCL: kf5 (cairo+xcb)
Locale: de-DE (de_DE.UTF-8); UI: de-DE 7.2.6-3 Calc: threaded