Can't uninstall or update 7.6.2

Hey everyone,

I have installed desktop LibreOffice (as it says in About and in Windows Control Panel) x64 for Windows with Ukrainian (uk-UA) localization. I tried to update it (to 7.6.4 and to 24.2.0) and uninstall it but the installation says it need a 7.6.2 installation MSI file which I can’t find anywhere. The archive has only and it doesn’t fit. All thirdparty links and mirrors which could have it also are down.
I tried to find a solution for my issue last year but I saw a suggestion to wait till Libre team will place a solution or will fix an installation files. But this issue wasn’t fixed yet.

So, maybe, someone have a solution or an advise where I need to place a ticket or something?

Hello and welcome!
You didn’t say what version of Windows is on your computer.
If you select the LibreOffice line in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features (Панель управления\Все элементы панели управления\Программы и компоненты), will the Change button (Изменить) or the Repair button (Восстановить) be available?



Yep, sorry, I have Windows 10 Pro x64 22H2 (19045.3930). And from a classic Control Panel I can run an uninstall but it immediately shows a window which says it can’t reach resources from a network and suggests to feed an installation file (LibreOffice_7.6.2_Win_x86-64.msi) to it (which exact 7.6.2 version I can’t find anywhere).

The FAQ mentioned above describes how to get the proper old MSIs (and that you may need to rename them). It also mentions a troubleshoot tool from Microsoft to use when nothing helps…

Thank you. Renaming MSI file helped. I didn’t thought it would fit with simple renaming.