Can't update LibreOffice without entering Apple ID

Apple store asks for Apple ID every time there is a new LibreOffice Vanilla update. I don’t need to do that to update my OS or any other app. I am the same person on the same MacBook Pro. How do I fix this?

Hmm… I suppose you’d need to notify Collabora (the company behind the Vanilla release) about that. To do that, file a bug report at usual LibreOffice bug tracker, and post a link here.

Does it allow you to update after you’ve typed in your Apple iD and Password?

Just curious, as I was an Apple Senior Advisor for quite sometime and I may be able to help.

From my experience, this usually happens when the program was downloaded under another Apple ID even though the computer doesn’t ask for that specific one… It’s possible that the program was carried over from previous time machine backups, or was saved in iCloud. My advice is that you should save your files, and reinstall the program under your own Apple ID and Password and the issue should be fixed. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to contact Apple’s Mac Tech Support for further help, as there is nothing wrong with the program itself, It’s a flaw within the Apple Store and it’s inability to validate your authenticity.

I followed your suggestion re the LibreOffice bug tracker (Bugzilla). Set up an account using my email address; got an email confirmation; posted my question, and got a couple of unhelpful answers. So, I was going to supply some more information about my computer and OS, but when I tried to log in to Bugzilla, they said they have no record of my email or account. I don’t see any way out of this, so I think I will just let it be as it is, or else uninstall LibreOffice Vanilla from my old MacBook Pro. If you care to, and you have some avenue to do so, you might report this bug to Bugzilla.

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