Capital letters with a macro

Hi, I would like to use a macro to capitalize all letters of a word or sentence with a keyboard shortcut. I have tried to record ‘Menu Format > Text > CAPTITALS’ and appointed that macro to a shortcut. However, when I use the shortcut the letters will not capitalize. When I do the exact same thing with, for example, a color, the shortcut works just fine and the word changes into the appointed color.

Does anyone know if the capital macro works at all? Or even better: how do I tackle this issue? : )


You don’t need a macro for this task - everything is already built into Writer.
If the key combination Shift+F3 does not work for you, just make sure that this option is set for you or use commands from the “Format-Text” menu

hi JohnSUN, thanks for your reply. i asked it because i would like to change the format of a word/sentence in more ways: different color, bold and in capital letters. it would be handy to just use one shortcut for that. but i can live with an easy shift+f3, which i noticed does already do the job.

thanks again!