Captcha thinks I'm speaking Italian

When I try to submit a question in this forum, Captcha thinks I’m an Italian speaker, and gives me pictures with Italian instructions.
“Select language” is set to: English.

Who’s doing the programming? It’s not me.

It was doing the same thing with me yesterday, though I’m not sure if it was Italian or not. After a while it seemed to spontaneously fix itself and went back to English. Maybe just a temporary glitch. In any case I found it easy to guess what I was meant to select by just looking at the captcha.

I have asked the same question elsewhere. This problem just seems to fly by with no actual answer anywhere. Hello? Is anybody out there? Perhaps the developers, programmers, administrators purposely use off the cuff languages to make you guess at what is asked for in the pattern of pictures. Now that’s real security! But they could at least say so.

@JohnJR: I remember a staff of Ask saying the LO devs usually don’t come on to Ask, even if it means reading a link with crucial info.