Caption / Field modification to modify numbering


I want to modify the caption of an illustration. The illustration resides on a different Heading, but I want to change it. It’s better to make a sketch of my problem.


blah blah

blah blah

want to add a image but not enough space left


blah blah

this text fits just perfectly here

end of page

want to add image here: picture with caption 1.2.1 Illustration: Nice picture

I want to change it to 1.1.1 since the image holds information about that part.
I guess I have to modify the Fields Value entry: Illustration+1
To something like: Illustration+1-Heading1 or something like that

Thank you!

Hi @Toorop,

Would it be possible for you to upload a screenshot to show us your document? It might be easier to visualize your problem.