Caption numbering level missing when set to Level 1

When I right click > add caption to an image, it does not use the level I set it on. For instance, when I set the caption numbering to level 1, the preview says “Figure 1.1: Sample Figure”, But when I press OK, this is what appears:


The first level disappears, straight to the sublevels. It should have been “Figure 1.2”.

If I edit the number to show up to level 2, it works as expected (would appear as Figure 1.1.2). Somehow it’s just level 1 thats problematic.

In case it matters, I have a hidden heading 1 because the chapter title is required to use roman numerals, but the sub-chapter and table of contents needs arabic numerals.

Attached is a sample document that reproduces this problem. Any help is appreciated.

UPDATE: Unhiding the Heading 1 does not help. Can be tested on the attached document.

Reproducible.odt (100.5 KB)

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The culprit is your Unhidden Heading 1 paragraph “Chapter I Preface” upon which you added a direct formatting to attach it to outline level 1. Don’t play this kind of cheating trick on Writer. You get two consecutive outline 1 paragraphs, one chapter numbered, this other not. The last one met is kept for numbering reference purpose. Since it has no number, the level 1 number is returned as void.

You think that requesting level 2 could cure the issue. You’re partly wrong. The latest known level 2 is Heading 2 paragraph numbered according to chapter numbering. The level 2 query returns the full group but this is not what you want because the latest level 1 paragraph is not in the same numbering hierarchy.

Don’t create such inconsistent situation where you alternate numbering under two independent sequences (one automatic: chapter numbering, one manual: void! since you didn’t attach it to any automatic numbering sequence).

Trying to use such twisted intermixed sequences is very advanced expert use. Considering the quantity of direct formatting in such a short sequence, you don’t master yet styling and, more difficult, automatic numbering.

Your first step is to compose your document without any direct formatting. When this is done, you could consider having your chapter heading Roman numbered. But this is very complex. Negotiate if you can for a simpler numbering scheme.

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If you don’t mind, i need the steps to rectify this situation. Where do I erase the direct formatting again?

Okay, I erased the texts written in Unhidden Heading 1 and it works. Thanks for the pointers.