Case sensitivity using calc countif function

Docs say to go to Tools->Options->LibreOffice Calc->Calculate and check ‘Case Sensitive’. I’ve done; and actually it was already set.

I tried “enable regular expressions…” too; same results.

a1 = a

a2 = A

b3 = countif(a1:a2, “A”) returns 2

b4 = countif(a1:a2, “a”) returns 2

The answer is: COUNTIF is not case sensitive (it’s not case sensitive in Excel either)

The solution is:



Source :

Excel’s solution is wildcards! If…
A1 = CAR
A2 = Car
A3 = car

The solution is 3 using the formula:

In LibreOffice the double quotes "car" is all you need. My issue is when the word has other characters too!

hmmm… so the case sensitive checkbox is not universally used. that seems odd.

@usacoder, maybe that can be changed… You can always ask for an Enhancement request at or at