cCalc How do I match name and count all cells with corresponding name

Please see attachment

Trying to match names and then count numerical value for each name for cumulative total

example: column A, Row 2: name “A”,
How do I match A2 name “A”, to column AN, then add up all the numbers in column AM that match A2 name “A” and display in B2, I have added all the correct data in DA:D9, so the user is able to verify formula : : : ; … … LO Matching trying to find accumulative count 08-13-2019.ods.

Thank you in advance


the function of column AN is not clear to me since it has the same content as colum A of the respective row. Your formulas could read:

Cell B2: =SUMIFS(AM$14:AM$90;A$14:A$90;A2)
Cell B3: =SUMIFS(AM$14:AM$90;A$14:A$90;A3)
Cell B4: =SUMIFS(AM$14:AM$90;A$14:A$90;A4)
Cell B5: =SUMIFS(AM$14:AM$90;A$14:A$90;A5)
Cell B6: =SUMIFS(AM$14:AM$90;A$14:A$90;A6)
Cell B7: =SUMIFS(AM$14:AM$90;A$14:A$90;A7)
Cell B8: =SUMIFS(AM$14:AM$90;A$14:A$90;A8)
Cell B9: =SUMIFS(AM$14:AM$90;A$14:A$90;A9)

If you want to stick with column AN replace A$14:A$90 by AN$14:AN$90 in the second argument of all formulas above.

See reworked sheet:


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