Cell format is set to one decimal but returns no decimals

My cells are set to one decimal format, but many of them show no decimals; that is, it rounds to the nearest whole number when I want it to show one decimal. I am attaching a screen shot showing formatting pull-down.Libreoffice Calc Formatting Problem.png -You can see that at least a third of the highlighted cells show no decimals in spite of the 1-decimal formatting. This is the latest version of the program, running on Win10. Thank you.

Specifically those with conditional formatting applying own number format?

Hi Mike. Yes, I just checked, and the problem is the conditional formatting, set to no decimals. Thank you!

Hi Mike, That worked! The problem was the conditional formatting with no decimals. How do I marked this question as answered? Thanks loads!

For the record: the problem was the conditional formatting applying own number format without decimals; so modification of the styles used in the conditional formatting was required.