Cell indentification

Normally I work with characters for columns and number for rows.

For a special application I need the columns also with numbers.

I don’t find any settings, which changes from COLUMN CHARACTER to COLUMN NUMBERS.

How can this be set up in Calc?

Thanks in advance for helpful replies!

Hello @ROSt53,

You could use the Excel R1C1 notation for that, see menu Tools : Options : LibreOffice Calc : Formula : Formula Options : Formula Syntax : Excel R1C1.

Please also see this recent thread about R1C1 notation

HTH, lib

To do this with specific cells and not the entire spreadsheet:

Use only numbers to reference a cell.


Reference a cell in R1C1 format.


Get the current cell address in R1C1 format.


Use for example ROW()+1 to get a relative address offset, then wrap with INDIRECT to reference the cell.