Cell Naming does not allow letter "D" as capital letter at beginning of cell name


when I try to name a cell beginning with captial letter D, LibreOffice Calc changes it automatically to small letter d. How can I begin a cell name with capital letter D? Is there a certain reason for that behaviour or is that a bug? I didn’t find any other letter of the alphabet producing this behaviour.

I didn’t find an explanation in naming cell description.


Operation System: Windows 10

Also, if you describe your procedure for naming and provide examples of names which were changed, therein may be a clue towards a sensible reason.

If you already have a cell named with a starting lower case d, then Calc will offer that as you start typing. Just carry on typing until you have a unique name for the cell then go back and change the lower case d to an upper case D.

You can go and alter names in Manage Names too. Note that you cannot have a cell named just D as you can see in sceenshot also; I had to add the underscore (or anything except a number or a space) for it to be accepted.

image description

Thank you very much! You are right. I already had a cell named with lower d. After that I tried to name an other cell with D_F. First writing d_F and changing the first letter afterwards worked.