Cell of query have black background with new update

I am having an issue since updating to Base version last week.

I have a query that for some reason has one column where all the cells have a black background making the black text impossible to read. The data is there however as when I select an individual cell the background of that cell returns to white and I can read the data.

Important to note that the Table where the query is pulling the data for that column from has the correct background and I can read it fine. It is only in the query. I even tried creating a new query with the same SQL code but the error remained.

I never had this issue with the previous version and it is only in one query in this one column.

Is this a SQL error that I need to change or is it a formating setting in Base that I need to change?

Cattle Tracking.odb

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Cannot duplicate. However do not know your OS or the database you are using. Please provide as well a Base sample with the issue without personal or confidential information.

I am running a HSQLDB on Mac OS 11.4.

I attached a file to the original questions. The specific query that I am having trouble with is the “Dam Breed” query, specifically the Dam Breed Colomn that is showing up completely black. I attached a screenshot of that as well.


Don’t have a problem using on Ubuntu 20. Will check Win 10 shortly. Do not have Mac so can’t check that. Do you have the problem if you change the SQL to (no colesce):

SELECT "Breed/Color" AS "Dam Breed", "ID" FROM "Stock"


No problem with Win 10. Suspect this is a bug using Mac.

Yeah, must be a Mac issue. No problems when I remove the colesce though.

I can’t actually remember why I had that written with colesce anyway; I do not have any null values for that field so for now that solves my problem. Thank you!

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