Cell properties - CellHoriJustify - Calc - Error: 0x800405E9

I’m try to use cell properties. (as example found in OOME 4.0, Macros Explained, from Andrew Pitonyak)

(Code = Autohotkey) oCell.HoriJustify := com.sun.star.table.CellHoriJustify.CENTER

But it generate errors (From Autohotkey?)

  1. Warning: This variable has not been assigned a value. Specifically: com (a
    global variable) …

  2. Error: 0x800405E9 Source .: [automation bridge] Description:
    Cannot convert the value of vartype
    :“8” to the expected UNO type of type
    class: 15 HelpFile: (null)
    HelpContext: 0 Specially: HoriJustify

(I hope it’s possible to read the second error message. I don’t know how to get line breaks in the text …)

But, if I use this command, it works. oCell.HoriJustify := "1"

Is there any documentation on this?

What value corresponds
to what? no 0 ?? No. 1 left? no 2
center? no 3 right? no 4 ?? no 5 fill?
no 6 ?? and so on.

If I use this program sequence

oCell := oSheet.getCellRangeByName("F10")
oCell.HoriJustify := "3"	; Right?
oCell.RotateAngle := "4500"  ; 45 degrees?
oCell.setString("Hello baby!")

The text seems to be in cell G10 instead of F10, as my wish.


It seems to work in LibreOffice, but … my question remains! It doesn’t work for me.

If I use .: oCell.HoriJustify := "5" in the following sequence

oCell := oSheet.getCellRangeByName("F14")
oCell.HoriJustify := "5"
oCell.RotateAngle := "0"

I got two “Hello!” in cell F14 (Left adjusted) - Intresting!

Have I forgotten something, in order to use HoriJustify (or VertJustify)?
Is “com.sun.star.table.BorderLine” right service? (or is BorderLine2 better?)

5 is REPEAT, so the repeated text is expected. Did you try to get what you want using UI?