Cell selection on mac

I am using calc in Libreoffice on a macbook pro macos catalina 10.15.7

I wish to select all cells in a column from the current cell to the end of the data.
cmd+shift+downarrow should do this. Instead it selects all the cells to the end of the sheet
(ie umpteen rows). That is useless because when I then paste into the selected cells all those between the last valid row and the end of the sheet get an error.

This question has, I think, been asked before. To the best of my knowledge no adequate answer has ever been given

(BTW: on macos cmd key is usually used instead of ctrl key. Hence cmd+shift+arrow instead of ctrl+shift+arrow)

Thanks for sharing LibreOffice version and operating system. Please, edit your question to answer a few questions.
What happens if do you press cmd+Shift+End?
Cells after “end of data”, don’t they have a formula with empty/no result?
This also happens in a new document with a few cells with data?

LeroyG, thanks for the response. Here is further detail in response
to your questions.

cmd+shift+end does indeed select to the last data row (good), but
if you use it on a column which is not the rightmost then it will select
multiple columns ie the column of the active cell, and all those to its right (bad)

In my case cells after the “end of data” display an error, because I am
pasting a formula which is invalid if there is no valid data. And there is
no valid data because I have selected all the rows to the end of the sheet.

Yes, this does also happen with simple test documents – I have tested such.

Is there any data in the cells that you are selecting? If there isn’t then maybe select an adjacent column with data and press Cmd+↓, then press → to go to bottom of range of desired column, press Cmd+Shift+↑ to select to top and paste.

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Hi EarnestAI.

Yes, that is a workaround, and certainly is way more efficient than using the scrollbar.
Good suggestion. Ty.