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I am trying to use digital signature with LO Writer. I use Seahorse to generate a key and have a key. When I use File>Save As>Encrypt with GPG Key I get an empty Select Certificate Window. The View Certificate Window is not active.

Also, if I use File>Digital Signature>Digital Signature I get Digital Signature window which is empty. When I click the Start Certificate Manager button I get a window saying "Could Not Find Any Certificate Manager"

What should I do to introduce my key with the Certificate Manager? How would I introduce my key file to LO Write?r

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Very sorry for my mistake, I thought I was in another forum!

I solved the problem! Somewhere I read that there is a difference between the snap version and normal version. So, I removed the snap version and installed the package from LO site, and it worked in my first try.

Thanks for all the help supplied to me. Best regards

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