Change 32bit to 64bit

The title says it all, I made the mistake of installing 32bit LO Fresh on my Main Windows 7 64-bit machine. The problem is, it is to slow. I then installed 64-bit LO to my other Laptop (Windows 8.1) that is a little more powerful (but not much more) and that LO Starts and runs much faster. So now I would like to get similar performance on my Main Laptop, hopefully by installing the 64bit version. Some may think there is no difference in the speed between them but I am willing to try because it is just way too slow.

They are both AMD A-8 Series CPU’s with plenty of RAM, so they both should be capable of running LO at similar speeds I would think. I can’t believe the speed difference, I almost Un-installed it on my Main Laptop until I saw how fast it is on the other.

So, can someone tell me the best way to do this? Don’t want to muck about my Favorite Laptop and have leftover Config files etc. that may affect the performance of the new Installed LO. Should I use the built in Un-install tool via Programs and Features, or use something like REVO UNINSTALLER? Or, can it be just installed over with the 64bit Version?

Thanks Convert22

I’m pretty sure x64 LO will leave the 32 one there wasting space, but will gladly use the old data (not the 32-bit program itself), so just uninstall LO x86 normally, minding what you choose if you’re given options, then install x64 like normal, preferably always checking the custom install mode, never trust non-custom when there’s the custom one.

That’s for Window$. For now I don’t have OS X in a VM to test, and on Linux/BSD and the like most softwares that’re available for 32-bit and 64-bit at once will conflict with each other, meaning you won’t be able to install both on same computer just normally, but there’s absolutely no reason to use a 32-bit one on 64-bit computer if 64-bit version is available, normally.

Usually 32-bit binaries on 64-bit 32-bit-supporting OS run with max 1% performance penalty which is hardly ever noticiable, but if you can match the bit width on both ends you can get a higher performance than you had on 32-bit OS. Plus the security can be tighter; 32-bit x86 CPU security is a joke compared to the latest 64-bit x86 aka x86_64.

Thanks my Finnish friend, I will pursue this tonight, hope it makes me faster!

EDIT: Seems to have gone fine, and the speed seems to be as it should now!

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