Change area of inserted section?

Hi all, I have inserted a section that divides part of my writer document into four columns.

When I enter characters at the bottom of the first column, filling up the available space in the section, the cursor moves to the top of the next column, rather than extending the section further down the page. Therefore, I would like to adjust the section it so that it extends further. How can I do this?

Many thanks.

When you create / edit a section, under Columns tab you have the option, selected by default, Evenly distribute content to all columns: by unchecking that option, text would fill each column until the end of the page before moving to the next column.

The section tries to space text evenly across all the columns, so when it fills up all four, it will start extending the section further down.

You can put empty paragraphs (enters) as placeholders if you want to see the expected layout of your first column before you fill the others.