Change border for a specific cell in writer and not whole table?

I have a table with multiple columns and one column has split cells.

I have set the border to display between columns, but I do not want the split cells to have a border dividing them

Before I updated libreoffice app (old version might have been 7.0.x or even older, now updated to to 7.1.5 (windows x64)) , I used to highlight the cell in question, right click, and I forget what option I used, but the change only affected the highlighted cell and not the entire table.

Now when I highlight a cell (or cells) and right click, the only option I can see to change the border is “table properties”. If I make any changes to the borders there, it changes borders for the entire table.

I’ve looked around the menus and don’t see anything else that could change the border just for specific cells within a table. Is there a way to do this?

For a single cell, click in it and drag to select the next cell then drag back so only the single cell is highlighted. Changes in Table Properties then will affect only the highlighted cell. This is what should happen; in Windows 10, LibreOffice as well as other versions.
In your case to remove the line between the split cells, select just the split cells, right click and select Table Properties. In the Borders tab you will see a square divided into 4 smaller squares, click the vertical centre line twice so it disappears, click OK. Those cells only, should lose the border between them.
If that is not working for you:

  • Check to see if there is a Windows Update (Update Tuesday was this week) that has been installed and is waiting for reboot. Close everything and Restart (not power off - default is hibernate).

  • You might have a corrupted user profile. In LibreOffice click Help > Restart in safe mode > Continue in Safe Mode and see if a table cell in safe mode can have formatting applied to only it. If it works in safe mode then you might need to reset your user profile, make sure you have a back up of it first so you can copy back *Templates, AutoCorrect, AutoText, etc.


this sounds like bug tdf#142165 Table lines in Writer 7.1.3: Change borders for selected cells will change borders in all table and there is some discussion about the status of the bug report - please see the bug report and leave a comment, if the bug report applies to your situation as well.

In my case using:

Version: / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 2a7ea282da28d665a7dc086360567b4aea27bf08

Property changes of a single cell/cell range are really (confusingly?) done via Right click -> Table Properties ... while a cell / cell range being selected / highlighted. In case of a single cell: Putting the cursor into the cell to be changed is not sufficient. You need to move down and up your mouse pointer to get the single cell highlighted.

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